Everyone must contribute his or her own share of Humanitarian Services. Our aim at Welfare Charitable Service of the Poor and the Needy of the Society regardless of race, colour, creed, gender or social class and support and promote the work of the United Nations and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

The overall our objective is to bring the Peace and Welfare of the world working in different countries under one umbrella and our specific objectives are:
To establish, support and provide Peace and Welfare services through setup the protection, rehabilitation, development for children, those persons with disabilities, senior citizens, family destitute, disaster victims and foreign & domestic labour by aid or give relief to the low income individuals and families, children, senior citizens in particular widows, single parents and family welfare in all its aspects to the poor and needy.
To provide Educational Aid to bright students of parents with poor economic back ground. Aid is granted either as lump sum for tuition, uniform, conveyance, admission or as monthly scholarship and etc;
To provide activities to help the less fortunate or to provide appropriate assistance to relieve human sufferings in any national and or international disasters, tragedies or calamities.
To organize and perform various humanitarian & charitable programs, seminar, training, conference, exchange programs, forum and information with the common goal of pursuing a comprehensive, permanent and just world peace.
To liaise and collaboration with governments and non-government agencies, and funding institutions that is actively involved in the field of peace and welfare development.
To appoint “The Ambassadors for Peace” initiative is a worldwide network of leaders dedicated to transcending racial, religious and ethnic boundaries to promote a world of genuine peace and become the world's largest and most diverse network of peace leaders. They come from all walks of life representing all races, religions, nationality and cultures, like their President with their council members and volunteer work, to the cause of Peace and help to re-establish Peace.
Whether you're a individual, student, professional, business, diplomatic, national or International organizations, clubs, associations, chambers of commerce and societies be as a volunteer of The Malaysian Safety and Peace Organization, you'll perform a unique and valuable role as a community activist.

If you, your friends, family, company, community or organization would like to start a fundraising, humanitarian, charity, bazaar or dinner project together with us as together we stand stronger. If you have idea or planning to doing Event for Peace in Art & Culture, Media, Music & Performance, Petitions/Government, Education, Spiritual, Sports/Health, Kids, Other/Mixed and etc. If your company or organization would like to start a fundraising project together with us as together we stand stronger, please contact our General Secretary.

Please visit the "Our Projects" page to find out what The Malaysian Safety and Peace Organization are working on at the moment. All your Contributions & Donations are utilized 100% for Charity works.

Let all of us join hands and strengthen this holistic website with our collective minds to wipe out violence for prevalence of sustainable global peace at all level.
Be a Messenger of Peace!
General Secretary
E-mail: secretariat@malaysianpeace.org